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January 6, 2009

Seven Things About Me

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The question that immediately came to mind was: Do you want to know about me? Immediately followed by: Why?  Well, empirebetty has challenged me, so I’ll answer.

1.  I’m an alien. I do try to pass as human, but I’m not entirely successful. There are many things all humans have knowledge  of, and experience with, but that I just don’t “get.” For instance, human beings are, first of all, social creatures. I’m not. I’m perfectly content with only my own company. Generally, in fact, I prefer (with some exceptions) to be alone. I’m somewhat remote.

Now then, in my family there were 4 children: 3 blue-eyed, towheaded blond males, and 1 brown-eyed, raven-haired brunette female. Didn’t exactly fit in from day 1. Even more to the point, I’m a flawed female. Love of, and great aptitude for, shopping is a prime female directive, so I understand. I, however am completely devoid of that shopping gene. I can’t think of too many things I’d rather do less.

Guys are supposed to like, and be good at, math; girls excel at language. I like both. But then, math is just another language. A professor told me once that the best mathematicians are also good musicians (or maybe it was vice-versa). I am a pianist. I sometimes joke that I could read music before I could read English. That’s only slightly an exaggeration. I learned both concurrently.

Keep it in mind: my being an alien colors everything else.

2. I went to college in my mid-40s. I was married right out of high school. When I was divorced, I decided to go to college to see if my brain still functioned after 20-some years of housewifery. Well–to anyone else considering trying it–I’m pleased to say the brain still worked, and very well, too.

I started out as a math major, but then transferred to CMU to become a logic major. I loved math; I loved logic (see alien, above). I’m a sucker for mind games, puzzles.

3. I’m a supreme, utter, and judgmental snob. I really try not to be. I try to give everything the kindest reading, no matter how idiotic the ideas, or execrable the taste. See the problem?

4. I have almost no concept of time. I think of myself as ageless, in the sense of having no particular age. My first husband was ~20 years older than I; my second is ~20 years younger than I. Seems perfectly natural to me.

If you asked me to meet you at 12:30 for lunch, say, I might, or might not, get there on time. I tend to see the duality of things. Think yin/yang. Cold is another face of hot; good is another face of evil; time is another face of space. Time and space are both plastic, flexible, malleable, always expanding and collapsing, non-linear. 12:30 is not an exact thing.

5. I am a secular humanist; that is, if a non-human alien can be a humanist. (see alien, above). Humans seem to have a need to believe in something greater than themselves. Something that is The Answer to The Question. Something omnipotent, omnipresent. They call it God. I have no need or desire for any belief in God, or gods, to satisfactorily explain existence to me, or to hang over my head as a threat to keep me in line (whatever that may mean). I am perfectly willing to allow others to believe whatever they need to; I ask (no, demand) the same consideration for myself.

6. Gender specificity? I have no understanding of what is a “guy thing,” as opposed to a “girl thing.” When I was very young, my mother put her sewing machine in my room. I very soon mastered it. I can do anything with needle and thread, or needles and yarn, for that matter. A “girl thing?” I could also wield a mean jigsaw, lathe, drill press…. A “guy thing?” Machines were (are?) toys for my amusement. A skill using a “girl” machine may be exactly what’s needed to use a “guy” machine. What’s the difference?

I learned to drive a car (doesn’t everybody?). So cars are ambiguously gendered? But the workings of said machine are thought to be in the province of male expertise. If a guy waxed ecstatic about his car’s engine being a double overhead cam, I knew what that meant, however. I once drove a car so configured, and I could tune its engine.

I learned to fly a plane, too (does everybody?). I can’t “get” the idea that things are gender specific. Maybe we aliens have no concept of gender. Period.

7. I am not master of myself. For the life of me, and in spite of my commands to the contrary, I can’t get my mind to shut up. For instance, I read everything that gets in front of my eyes. I can also read (and write) upside down and/or backwards. How un-useful is that? Mind/brain never takes a break. (Apparently mouth doesn’t, either.)

Thank you for your kind attention.


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